Writing With Rhythm is a handwriting program that was developed primarily to fill the handwriting instruction chasm.  The authors merge knowledge and expertise in the fields of Education and Occupational Therapy to provide the best of two worlds. 

Writing With Rhythm is designed to help all students master handwriting fluency!  Beginning with Pre-K and continuing until a child shows proficiency in handwriting, the program helps teachers meet their students' needs.  

Writing With Rhythm utilizes all three learning modes:  auditory, visual and kinesthetic!   The combined audio and visual format offers minimal prep time for teachers!  Consistent short practice sessions enable teachers to see the ultimate result of fluent handwriting while consuming minimal instruction time!

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Manuscript Kit 
1.  Six Video Links
2. One Auditory link with 126 downloadable prompts 
3.  Manual with Assessments
4. Links for printable Student Booklets
Optional Purchases:
1. Desk-strips
2. Formation Posters
3. Master Colored paper copy of Student Booklets

Written by Cathy Angel Educator
& Alissa Roemhild Occupational Therapist
The sensory component is what makes this program unique!   
Our program uses auditory prompts--including metronome beats--visual prompts & kinesthetic movements to engage students.  This mulit-sensory approach strengthens handwriting fluency for all ages.

If you are a school looking for a handwriting program that engages students, please send us an email at:                                          makingreadingheavenly@gmail.com
We would love to come and do a free demonstration for your adminstration, literacy team, or faculty! 
 1. Three Video Links
 2.  Links with printable student       booklets.
.3. Auditory links for all student       pages.
 4.. Manual with Assessments

Optional Purchases:
 1. Desk-strips
 2. Formation Posters   
 3. Master colored paper copy
    of Student Booklets