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1.  How do you explain why ‘give’ is pronounced with a short vowel sound and ‘hive’ ispronounced with a long vowel sound?

2.  Why is shy spelled with a ‘y’ that says the long ‘i’ sound, and pony is spelled with a     'y' that says the long ‘e’ sound?

3.  What teaching rule do you use to explain why bench and church are spelled without 
a ‘t’ but pitch and hutch are spelled with a “t”.

4.  There are six ways to spell the long ‘i’ sound.  Write one word to show each 
spelling pattern.

5.  What rules do you teach your class so they know how many syllables an unknown 
word has?

6.  Where do you typically find a schwa sound, and what letters can be used to spell 

7.  What is the rule that helps a beginning or struggling speller to know whether to 
use a ‘c’ or a ‘k’ in words?

8.  Why isn’t bridge spelled brij?

9.   State the six types of syllables in our language and write one or two words to 
illustrate that syllable pattern.

10.  Why do you double the p in stopping, but not in stamping?

Was there an answer that you didn't know?  If so, you have come to the right place!  

Making Reading Heavenly IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU! 

   Begin your journey to make reading heavenly!  Not only will you learn the answer to each of these questions, you will receive lesson plans that will enable you to teach these concepts to your students! 
Making Reading Heavenly
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