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Making Reading Heavenly
                ©2010 by Cathy Angel
I am such a firm believer in this program, and the founder as well.  My daughter struggled in her early elementary education years, until we met the 'angel' amongst all teachers.  What Cathy Angel did for my daughter was the key to her success in her education.  Not only did she help her succeed, but helped with building our child's self esteem, so that my daughter believes in herself today, and is willing to reach for the stars in everything she does in life.  

Cathy's program and her willingness to listen to parents, is what drives that compassion in her heart to succeed.  I am a 100% believer in all that she does with the children, and teaching teachers to be successful in teaching others this proven program on the market. To sum it up, this was the program that helped my daughter get out of her IEP and onto successful reading.

Tamera - Harlan, IA

As a former teacher, mentor to pre-service education majors, tutor, home school mom, and mother of five, I've found Cathy's Making Reading Heavenly to be the missing piece.  Her program gives specific strategies and tools to assist children in the reading and spelling process.  I've seen Making Reading Heavenly benefit both students who struggle with reading and spelling and those who excel in school.  The spelling rules and syllable division rules gave my son, who is a gifted student, the tools and confidence to spell unfamiliar multi-syllable words.  I now can explain to students why certain letters make certain sounds.  

As a tutor, when parents have come to me and said they have tried everything and their child still cannot read at grade level, I've found that Making Reading Heavenly has been the answer to the child's reading success.  Making Reading Heavenly is an essential resource for all teachers, home school educators, and parents.  

Mindi - Pella, IA
I am only 3 days into things (yes just 3!) and am having such a great time with the curriculum. I know that I am not deep into the thick of things yet, but I am already seeing some confusion become clarity! My daughter can read but is atrocious at spelling! You said this would be great because she is a kinesthetic learner.  

You also said I could bring my kindergarten and 4th grader in on things as well.  
They are all loving it and it is so much fun for me too! I was worried that I would mess it up and not teach it right but you have explained it so well in the book, that I am now worry free! Thank you so much for this.  

I wanted something that would bring in the sounds, rules and explanation of how the rules work together and this program does just that. The Sound Move cards are very helpful and I thank you for giving such clear directions and pictures!

Cathy - Indiana 
Making Reading Heavenly has changed the Algona School District Reading Program for the better.  I attended a conference in Iowa City, a year ago, and listened to Cathy Angel present her program.  I was hooked.  That day I wanted Cathy to come to our district to introduce Making Reading Heavenly.  The reaction and reviews from teachers and students has been amazing to see.  The kids love the sounds and movements.  Making Reading Heavenly is just what we needed, in our district, to improve student achievement when it comes to reading.  It will be exciting to see how our Algona scores improve throughout the year and in the next several years.  Thanks Cathy Angel for making Algona students better readers!

Stacy Mueller - Principal at Algona Schools, IA

I am a Early Childhood Special Education teacher and teach a wide variety of needs. I use Writing with Rhythm with all of my students from ages 3-7. This isn’t just a writing program but it’s a program to help adapt to ALL needs. It helps students who are auditory learners, visual learners, and those who need hands on experiences! Every student I help uses this program, and it is amazing to watch how they light up knowing they are independently writing.    Rachael  2020