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Session Six

by Cathy Angel on 04/16/20

My first-grade grandson is gaining many new skills! He has learned a lot about Closed, Open, Magic E, Bossy R, and Vowel Teams Syllables. He zips through the nine words on the Tic-Tac-Toe board and enjoys spelling hard words when he is playing football or baseball. The part that he still dislikes is reading the book! He is reading every story in the Frog and Toad anthology. The repetition of names and easy vocabulary is perfect for him right now. The trouble has been the length of time it takes him to read a short chapter! Up until now, he had been reading only one-half of the chapter. Being intent on increasing his fluency, I felt impelled to try for more. On Monday, we read a whole chapter. It was brutal! It took him 21 minutes. The problem was not with his ability to read, but keeping his eyes on the book! I was beginning to wonder if I had pushed him to frustration instead of just challenging him. We graphed the number of minutes it took him to read the chapter. It was the bottom square on the graph. I decided to give it one more day.

We had a breakthrough! My daughter found a "Magic Reading Bookmark!" It is the kind that has a transparent color in the middle. He had to keep his eyes on the page to keep moving the bookmark along. It was just enough to help him focus! He went from a 21-minute read to a 13-minute read! You should have seen his smile when I shared my screen and colored that graph almost 3/4 of the way to the top!

He asked if I would show the graph to his cousin that afternoon. I did and relayed his cousin's excitement today. So, guess how fast he read today? It only took him 12 minutes and 29 seconds! Hallelujah! He was not opposed to reading today at all. He was very excited!

Profound Thought #14 Sometimes even a bookmark can make a difference! Profound Thought #15 Seeing your progress visually can really be a motivator--especially if your cousin gets to see it, too!

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