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Free Zoom Sessions

by Cathy Angel on 03/18/21

During this crazy time of COVID and diminished learning, I would like to reach out to teachers and offer some free support!    

If you are feeling frustrated with the lack of progress from some of your students or are dissatisfied with strategies you are using to teach certain aspects of reading, I would love to collaborate with you individually or with your grade-level team of teachers.

I am certainly not saying that I have all of the answers, but sometimes just brainstorming together can give insights that might prove beneficial in the course of everyday stagnations.  This could be as short as twenty minutes or as long as it takes to get a clear direction to enable you and your learners to move forward.  

If you or several teachers would be interested in Zooming, I would LOVE to encourage you.   Just send me an email at and we will set up a Zoom session!   

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