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End of Year Celebrations/Disappointments

by Cathy Angel on 05/19/21

The end of the year for teachers can be rewarding or frustrating!  In reality, most of the time teachers will experience both emotions.  As we give the final assessments for the year, we rejoice at the great accomplishments we see in many of our pupils.  However, there are usually a few pupils who have not shown the growth we had anticipated or hoped for.  When analyzing the cause, it is always painful when we feel it might have been due to some sort of inadequacy on our part.  This quote from Louisa Moats, founder of the LETRS program and a giant in educating teachers for teaching reading, says it quite bluntly.  "95% of children struggling to read are instructional casualties."    OUCH!  

The sad fact is that many teachers aren't even aware of some of the strategies that might have enabled their students to experience more success.  
Many teachers have reached out to me this year for support.  It is not that I have all of the answers, because I certainly don't, but perhaps I can help provide one or two new strategies that would enable a student to achieve more success next year.  If you or your team are interested in Zooming with me,  I would LOVE it! Go to makingreadingheavenly@gmail.com and we will get something set up!

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